We should learn to smile at all times…at least that’s what my grandma taught me.

But how do I smile through this storm?

How do I pretend that everything is okay while its evidently not?

I really do not want to think about our choir performance during campus awards.

How did we even do that? We have NEVER EVER sounded anything like that:(

What fell apart? I could feel it  right from where I was standing…

That we did not sound right…That this was the very first performance…

I would walk out of stage not proud of.

That we had very evident hitches…

And our notes were hitting rock bottom.

What about the audience? Did they notice that too?

Oh,yeah! certainly…And getting the comments and questions…

makes it feel even worse:(

Do other choirs experience such moments?

How do they handle the aftermath?

Maybe its about time we went back to the dashboard…

and figured out what really went amiss.

God, please help us through this moment…

Renew our strength…

And above all remind us to give thanks in all circumstances…

To smile even amidst this  storm and do better next time.


3 thoughts on “SMILE AMIDST STORMS

  1. That’s quite awesome and inspiring:)and don’t worry..every choir has it’s moments,the ups and downs,..For you guys this is the first step towards greatness:D


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