It is very interesting to observe people during exam week. Somehow, everything comes to a halt, and the only thing that matters at that moment is to focus and internalize as much content as possible.

People move faster than usual and engage less in aimless conversations.Almost all the talks revolve around the exams.

My most favourite part is the library,waaaarrrttttt???  It becomes so jammed with minds full of crammed content.The hub of knowledge can greatly testify that it hosts more people this time, than it does during any other ordinary day.

I like the way people appear so fragile during exams,it feels like they have absorbed so much that they might just break off if you distract them.

The relief that comes with end of exams is just commendable.Its like people put a part of their life on pause, and play it once the exams are done.RELIEF!!!

People appear relaxed,happy and back to life.Is that what exams have done to us?

These reactions leave much to ponder about the education system.Are people conditioned to read just to pass exams?



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