The start of a holiday marks the breath of new moments and awesome escapades from the daily routines of life.

It marks time to offload all that weight that you have carried on your back the whole semester.

It marks time to relax, take moments away and reevaluate ourselves.

It’s a time to set new goals and come up with strategies that will propel us to reaching them.

To reach out to the world and help those who are in need:) And also help our parents at home.

To enjoy family time more…and appreciate the members with every passing minute.

It marks beautiful moments to watch movies without thinking of pending assignments and term papers:)

To develop our talents and nurture them more by giving them that extra minute.

To reconnect with friends that you have put on the sides the whole semester.

To go upcountry and break away from the hustle n bustle of city life and enjoy the serenity of the new environment.

But then again, it’s a time to remember that whatever we do during the holiday always counts and has an impact on our lives.

Hence, the need to be accountable for our every move:)



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