As I sat on that cloud,

A wild race occurred through my head,

I knew nothing, nothing about this virtue…

So priceless,  yet comparable to no other.

I prayed, I hoped, I waited…

At least that was the much I could do.


I did not know for how long I would be there,

But I still sat still…

I waited! I waited! I waited!

I wasn’t sure how long it would take,

But I still pressed on…

I did not know if  it would be worth…

But I still waited.


There were times I lost this virtue…

But somehow I still found  it.

It seemed so real, yet so vague.

I felt like forgetting its existence,

But I knew that would be far fetched,

So I still waited…


Then I saw a crack on the cloud,

Peeped through and saw a sign,

A sign so clear, that it was not in vain,

That It was over…

That patience realy does pay,

That the virtue of patience…

Was perhaps the greatest.



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