Something so hard to do, yet so easy to do.

Very beautiful, when from deep within.

So selfless, so life-saving, so relieving…forgiveness

The best thing we could ever do in life.


We all are imperfect, and that’s why we need it,

To bind it in our hearts, and take it wherever we go,

Because we never know, when we might need it.

We should give it freely, as freely as we expect it.


If only we’d just learn to forgive, forgive and forget,

Our smiles would always stay, stay forever.

And our minds would forever be free, free indeed.

There is joy in this phenomenal gift from God,

That free sets the spirit, and joy gives birth to.


12 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I wish I could forgive and forget, I wish it was that easy, I wish, oohh how I wish…I forgive just as quickly but the forgetting part is the hardest though I am working on it…Thankyou Beatrice for the post, I really needed that…


    • It is never easy…forgetting is the hardest part. But it is a conscious decision we make, to free our minds and to train our spirit to keep no record of wrongs. We forgive people not necessarily because they deserve the forgiveness, but because it is also healing to our souls. The more we hold on to the wrong someone did to us, the more it evokes sad memories of what it brought by. So let it go…free yourself of it. It will take time but it will be worth it. And doesn’t it bring peace to the mind? Knowing that you forgave someone who wronged you and that you hold nothing against them?


  2. Forgiveness is easier said than done. It is a very painful experience. When one gets hurt it is common to walk away and far from the cause of the pain. In the meantime the mind reflects, adds and subtracts and settles on a grudge. This develops into unforgiveness. Forgiveness would be easy if one quickly addresses the offender. The bible says that offenses must come (Matt 18:7). If this be so we overcome by forgiving.


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