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Today’s blog post is by a very talented guest writer by the name Mark Wangari.Kindly read through this life-changing article and feel free to give your feedback.


Last week I had a chance to attend a sermon at our home local church. I must say that this church and I have a deep history; a history that runs deeper than the need to acquire spiritual knowledge or maturity alone. I first attended the church about five years ago under an invitation, that I will always grateful for. Even before the invitation, I had heard stories about the church and its pastor, whom despite not personally knowing then, I developed a liking for. He was or he is what you would call a story of ‘from nothing to something’.

Of course most of you would say that we have so many people within our larger society with the same kind of story, but from where I come from, I wouldn’t say that there are many of them, and therefore I never loose my sight when I come across a captivating persona. It is by looking at such people whom I could probably say we have shared the same environment that gives me motivation and affirms my conviction to believe in greatness and keep at bettering myself in whatever I do.So on this wonderful Sunday, our pastor was teaching about opportunities and basically how we relate to them. As seen in the wise words of King Solomon, opportunities come to all; rich or poor, wise or foolish, educated or non-educated, yet how we view them or even realize them greatly affects our outcome.opportunity

“Our personal relations with the opportunities surrounding us, affects whether we live in a world of wishful thinking or a world of action! I would probably say that the ability to spot opportunities, analyze them and utilize them effectively forms the thin line between success and failure.”

The question that most of us ask ourselves is if opportunities come to all of us, then why do we have so many disparities within our social clusters? Why is it that we are not all equal yet we all receive an equal playground? Like I earlier stated, the difference comes as a result of whether we can actually recognize an opportunity and how quick we are to utilize it.

According to my observation, I would say that there are three types of people when it comes to opportunities. There are those who just do not see them. All they see are problems, not realizing that actually those problems are opportunities to seek solutions which would result to greatness. In North Korea, they have actually replaced the word problem with opportunity; for they understand that any discomfort is a chance to come up with ways or something that would help eliminate the problem.

The second class of people actually notes opportunities but is not vigilant towards putting them into good use. They just watch them go while they waste their time in a world of wishful thinking. You will probably hear these people saying that they do not understand that line of business and therefore cannot invest in it. Others will say how great an opportunity is and even marvel at it but will not take any action towards taking advantage of it. Sometimes they go a bit further and research on an opportunity but waste too much time analyzing it, and as we all know opportunities do not run for ever. Instead they come and go and lucky are those who can dash and dance with them.

“An opportunity is like a rhythm; you have to dance with the kick of the beat, otherwise you will be caught off beat and won’t enjoy it.  If you cannot learn the rhythm quick the song will soon be out of taste and no one will be dancing to it, because its time is gone.”

The third class of people (which I really like and most of us aspire to being), when it comes to opportunities, are those who actually make it and keep on shining on each opportunity that presents itself. when_opportunity_knocks_answer_the_doorThey do not waste their time. In fact, when most of them come across an opportunity, rarely do they research on it! They instead prefer learning on the opportunity/job. Mostly, they depend on their guts and instincts when it comes to identifying a good and valuable opportunity.

“They will take it even before others can realize that such a chance was there.”

Take for example, Richard Branson and Ellon Musk. While most world super governments are still struggling with billions of dollars to fund their space activities, these two have individually gone ahead and invested in better and much cheaper technologies of taking people to space. They are the pioneers of space tourism, and they made it sure to get there, way before anyone else, and even the super world governments were shocked at how these entrepreneurs made it so quick and cheap.

Within our environment there are so many other people who are like that. About a month ago, I came across a young poultry farmer from Kikuyu who told me that he has never understood what most of his seniors were doing when the famous late Muguku started his farm. The whole village was just watching as one man did something so simple that turned him into a multi billionaire. The young man narrated to me how he is ever ashamed of most of his childhood friends who would rather borrow him a hundred bob instead of observing what he is doing and in return put it into action. After our about 30 minute talk, I saw the story of Muguku in rerun; the young man is quickly acquiring wealth while his friends just sit down and watch.

“Most of us desire to be successful in all angles of life. Yet not all of us become success in the various angles.”

Unfortunately, we have molded a small world for us where we hide and give excuses for unused opportunities. We claim of how nature has been unfair to us, or how we do not have money and that those who have it do not want us to have it. I have probably wasted a few chances here and there but I believe in second chances and my hope is that you believe in them too.

“Therefore, let us learn from the past and use that knowledge in identifying the current opportunities that we might have at hand as we make good use of them too.”

As for our pastor, I am proud of him as he continues to educate the masses on these very important lessons-opportunity; probably the only difference between war and peace, healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, great nations and ragging nations, financial free individuals and ever burdened individuals.

 Article written by Mark Wangari

The writer is a 3rd year International Business Administration (Marketing) student at the United States International University