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Today I celebrate a Woman,

A legend, A remarkable woman, A hero to many souls.

A very selfless woman, who gave without expecting anything.

A woman with a very stupendous personality.

Today I celebrate a Legend,

A legend with a big heart…

A heart that accumulated the whole world for free,

And realized the true gift of charity.

Today I celebrate a Legend,

An indelible, Indelible legend,

One that was ever smiling, even on rainy days.

Being strong even in her weakest moments.

Today I celebrate a Woman,

A woman who was empowered,

Who knew what waking up before dusk meant,

And enjoyed reaping from the toil of her hands.

Today I celebrate a Legend,

One whose sense of humour would touch everyone’s ribs,

And her love for all, would save a breaking tower.

Boundless love was her greatest companion.

Today I celebrate a Legend,

One whose determination knew no barrier,

And her optimism would flow across the darkest pits.

Always living life large while it lasted.

Today I looked  through her photos,

Photos that told tales of a Hero, a Mentor, an Achiever…

Photos that evoked invaluable memories to be  reminisced,

And told of a life that made a difference.

And today as I celebrate two years anniversary of a  Legend,

I can only pray that you rest in peace Dearest Grandma.