Standing for what you believe


One thing that I have come to learn and greatly appreciate is that people are different. Everyone has their own unique perspective of how they view life and everything that comes with it. I have learnt that what tickles one person’s fancy might not even make sense to another person. I know you are really wondering where or what exactly am driving at. Well, all am trying to say is…stand for what you believe and stick it out.

You are wired out in your own special way. You know yourself better than any other person does. Just be true to yourself. Do what makes you happy, hang around people who truly mean something to you, let go of toxic energy, sing if you want to, dance if it pleases you…bottom line, stand for what you believe.

Life is too short to be what you are not. Life is too short to pretend to love grey while you actually love white, pink or red. What matters is what you actually believe in. It is okay to seek opinion and advice from other people but don’t loose yourself in the middle of it all.

I know I sound a bit harsh today, but really, it breaks me when one is swayed in a direction that is not in harmony with their line of thought or principles. Sometimes, the reason is to just fit in or go with the flow. It is so sad to come to the realisation that you have been living someone else’s life having paused your own.


As my principles of public relations lecturer Ms. Nancy Booker once said, work on developing yourself as a brand.” What would you rather be known for? I am sure most of us would want to be known for all the good attributes that make us. That basically means, take a moment with yourself and do a thorough introspection. Understand every bit of yourself and embrace it. Shed anything that you don’t deem fit or that at the end of the day will not add any value to who you are. Nurture all the positive things in your life, develop your skills, shout out loud your beliefs, improve what you feel needs improvement and most importantly stand for what you believe and stick it out 🙂 🙂



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