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christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

When I was young, Christmas meant a lot of things to me. It was a time when I would get a new dress and a pair of shoes. A time to travel to the upcountry, hang out with family members and savour lots of culinary delights.

It was during this time that we would recite memory verses in Sunday school and sing joy to the world, silent night and other Christmas carols with no care.

Thinking about Santa would not slip my thoughts. I knew he was a man who said Ho! Ho! Ho! and my mum told me he gave candy and toys to children who were in their best behaviour…I tried to be the best kid hoping that Santa would notice and give me gifts:-) It never happened!

As I grow up, the meaning of Christmas has become redefined in my life. Having a new dress and new shoes is not a big deal anymore. I understand that amidst all that comes with the festive season, it is vital to remember that Jesus Christ is the main reason for the day.

Jesus was born unto us. He was born to be our mighty saviour even when we were buried deep into our transgressions. He was born to guide us, protect us and remind us of God’s unfailing love and promises to our lives. He was born to be our wonderful counselor and the prince of peace.

As we celebrate Christmas, we should keep in mind the main reason for the season. We ought to thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ to us. We should reflect on our lives and redefine our walk with God.

It is important to extend our hands to the destitute in the society. To show them God’s love through our kind gestures and share with them no matter how little we have. We should also show love to one another just as God loved us so much to have a son born to us, who would save us from our sins.

Have a Merry Christmas filled with ponderous instances, to reflect on God’s great gift to us:)