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When the night feels so dark,

And the roads very treacherous,

When heavy clouds fill the day,

And the word hope seems

so far away,

Jesus are you there?


When everything is falling apart,

And our joy is taken away,

When all the strength is gone away,

And our cares and burdens

overwhelm us,

Jesus are you there?


When our buds are nipped

before they blossom,

And we do not see the fruits

of our labour,

When our dreams are repressed,

Jesus are you there?


Remind us that you are there,

That you see through it all,

And it all works for our good,

Even when we don’t feel it,

Remind us you are there.



On my knees







Lord I am here on my knees,

Calling out to you,

Coming straight to you,

With all my cares,my burdens.

Trusting that you will take charge.


Lord you know my path,

You laid it straight for me,

Before I was even formed…

In my mother’s womb.

Lord you knew.


And today Lord I am here,

With all of me.

Keeping on my knees,

Crying out like Jabez,

Enlarge my territory.


Take my thoughts, my dreams,

All of me, All of what I am,

Is yours Lord.

I belong to you.

And on my knees I stay.