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Looking back at 2017

PHOTO| Mbuguatis Media

Happy New Year!

When I look back at 2017, all I see is God’s faithfulness. So much happened that I want to share with you but I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I know it has been extremely long since I last posted and I extend my apologies to you my esteemed readers. 2017 for me was a bitter-sweet year full of tears-some of joy and others of pain- but I have many reasons to thank God.

To begin with, I finally started my Masters in Communication Studies…Whoop! Whoop! It’s been awesome so far and I thank God for making it possible.

I also started the year as a bride-to-be to one amazing Nicholas Waweru having been engaged end of November 2016. We did our introductions in January 2017 and were blessed that both families warmly embraced each other. This was followed by our dowry ceremony/traditional wedding which was held in March all geared towards the preparation of our wedding scheduled for May 13th 2017 (PS: Nick asked me to be his girlfriend on May 13th 2016 and there is no greater joy than getting married on the same date exactly a year later).

Our traditional ceremony. PHOTOS| Stephen Mukhongi

2017 also saw me struggle with Bell’s Palsy which is paralysis of one side of the face (I will do a more detailed blog post on this another day). It affected the left side of my face making it difficult for me to smile, blink, raise my eyebrows and wrinkle my face on the affected side. Just imagine planning for a wedding when you can’t even show your teeth as you smile because only one half of the face responds. It was such an emotional phase for me but I thank God for His joy and peace that surpasses any condition that would ever come my way. I am also very grateful to Him for the huge recovery I have experienced so far.

Trying to smile during early stages of Bell’s Palsy.

Juggling between wedding planning, work, school and dealing with Bell’s Palsy wasn’t easy but His grace is sufficient. Just two weeks before my wedding, I lost my grandpa. He raised me up and was to walk me down the aisle but God called Him before He would witness such a beautiful day. That was my lowest moment in 2017. I have always been strong but this loss deprived me of every ounce of strength. I have never been so broken before. I just couldn’t understand why such a loving God would allow such a thing to happen to me at such a time.

My grandpa was my most favourite person, he loved me so genuinely, would call me more than enough times in a day (sometimes I would even miss his calls), and he was my cheering squad. He believed in me and encouraged me to soar to the greatest heights that I could. I just wasn’t prepared to loose him. Not this past year, not ever! It was so hard for me to continue planning for a wedding knowing that my grandpa would not be present to attend. I feared for my wedding day because I did not know what kind of emotions my grandpa’s memory would bring but I thank God for giving me so much peace and Joy. I actually prayed and asked God to be the one to walk me down the aisle and therefore any other person walking me down would just be a symbol. I am grateful to my uncle and aunt who walked me but above all I thank God for taking care of me.

Our wedding day turned out to be more than we could ever imagine and completely surpassed our expectations. God made everything beautiful and we give Him all the glory for an extremely amazing day. He connected us with wonderful people from family to friends who were there for us and helped make our day awesome. Our service providers also gave us top-notch services and we could never appreciate them enough for going out of their way to deliver beyond our expectations.

  • Venue: Post Bank
  • Photography & Videography: Mbuguatis Media
  • Decor, tents, chairs, tables, sound, DJ, PA: S & E Solutions
  • Cake: Pinnacle Confectioners
  • Food: Royal Spoons Caterers
  • MC: MC Waithax
  • Makeup: Joanne Nagi
  • Bride’s Gown: Bibi Harusi
  • Groom’s Outfit: Weza Fabrics
  • Bridal Team outfits: Weza Fabrics
  • Bride’s aunt outfit: Weza Fabrics
  • Transport: Amazing family, friends and colleagues

PHOTOS| Mbuguatis Media

Shortly after our wedding, grief from the loss of my grandpa came knocking on my door so strongly. You can imagine being newly married but going through grief at the same time. It was very hard. I had a lot of negative energy and it is only God who graciously carried me through that season. It is only Him! He also gave my husband patience and strength to be there for me at such a low season in my life. I would break down at home, in the office and any slight memory of my grandpa would just break me down. I am grateful to God for the renewed strength, comfort and peace that He has given me.

All in all, I thank God for the highs and lows of 2017 and above all for His constant presence through it all. I look forward to a wonderful 2018 full of restoration, good health, love, peace, joy and positive vibes only   🙂 🙂 🙂

PHOTO| Mbuguatis Media


Great is thy Faithfulness

The Lord carried into completion what He began. After a four year journey fulls of ups and downs, I finally graduated from United States International University (USIU). Yes, I am now officially a graduate 🙂 Not by my own doing or anyone’s doing but solely by the grace of God. There is usually an untamed sense of anxiety and excitement as everyone prepares for graduation filled with nostalgic moments for campus days. Graduation for me was a very special occasion, not only because I graduated with first class honors (Magna Cum Laude-3.855/4.0 GPA) and came second in the journalism class, but also because it was an opportunity for me to look back and acknowledge God’s presence in my life. It was by the grace of God that I came this far. He always had my back and even wrote me cheques…oh yeah, He did. Everytime I found myself stuck, He was certainly working behind the scenes for me. And so God, this degree is for you 🙂 We made it. It is by your sufficient grace that this chapter is done 🙂

PHOTOS/Cleopas Kavita

I would like to acknowledge several indelible people that walked with me through this journey.

  • My family you are my rock. My late grandma, Beatrice Munyiva, I also dedicate this degree to you 🙂 You worked really tirelessly and selflessly to ensure that I was in school. Though you are not here now to see how far I have come, I still remain grateful for your indelible support 🙂 I love you shosh 🙂 My grandpa Mr. Samuel Nthenge, you have always been my greatest inspiration, encouraging me to soar up high like the eagle and go beyond the stars. Thank you for being the father I never had 🙂 My brothers-Rufas Muya, thank you for encouraging me to excel in my studies, Davice Marcos, you are not only my brother but my best friend…always encouraging me to step out and be the best. Aunty Rose, thank you for being that ever present mum and for everything you have done for me. My cousin Lynette, thank you for being that sister who always believes in me and inspires me to reach higher grounds. Uncle Steve, your support cannot go unmentioned. May God bless you abundantly.

PHOTOS/Cleopas Kavita

  • USIU financial Aid office-It is because of you that some people like me have pulled through school. Work-study paid 25% of my tuition fees every semester and the Vice Chancellor’s grant catered for another 25%. 50% off every semester could only happen in USIU. Did I mention that I also got an Alumni grant that catered for 30% of my tuition at some point? May God bless such programs that propel individuals like me to their dreams.
  • Higher Educations loans Board, I could never express just how excited I would feel each time I would know that my account has been remitted with funds.
  • Belgium Sponsorship Programme- I am here today because of what this programme has done to my life. Grounding me in the ways of the Lord and granting me financial support, I remain indebted to this good that only God can reward. Teacher Beatrice, Evans, George, Catherine and Maryanne, May God bless you abundantly.

PHOTOS/Cleopas Kavita

  • Mr. Uvyu Mbole-For being my mentor and my friend and always ensuring that I was on track, I can only pray that God will grant you all the good things that life has to offer.May your cup never run dry.
  • Madam Beatrice Gichohi, only God knows how much I am grateful for all the support you accorded me. May God greatly bless you.
  • Stephen Kiseli, Chris Shimba, Mary Thuku, Gerald Maweu, Susan Kagwiria and Johnson Mwangi, you are my other family that I will always be very grateful for 🙂 Thank you for your words of encouragement and guiding me in my duties in the work-study program in the Institutional Planning and Advancement (IPA) department, USIU.
  • My awesome lecturers (Robi Koki, Nancy Booker, Joe Kadhi, Sylvester Mutua, Isaiah Cherutich, James Oranga, Dr. Kioko Ireri, Joseph Nyanoti and Francis Chishimba), I cannot forget to acknowledge you for being a very vital part of this journey 🙂 Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom 🙂
  • Martha Njuguna-I cannot forget how you really encouraged me. Stood with me through it all and believed in me. I will forever be grateful for the gift of you in my life 🙂
  • My sisters from other mothers, what could I do without you? Rose, Irene, Eunice, Mercy, Dee, Bettie, Lucy, Joan and Liz. You girls are just the best. When people look for the meaning of true friendship, let them always find you for you define it all 🙂 These girls have walked with me through it all.

PHOTOS/Cleopas Kavita

  • As much as God took away my mummy (mum, I made it 🙂 smile for me from heaven 🙂 ), He gave me many more mums 🙂

PHOTOS/Cleopas Kavita

  • To every other person who supported me, prayed for me, or encouraged me in any way, God knows you by name. May He bless you abundantly and enlarge your territory.

PHOTOS/Cleopas Kavita

This is not the end of the journey. I can hear the sound of greater things beckoning and I am reaching out to them. I am not going to settle for less because I am ordained for greatness. With God, who makes all things possible, the sky is certainly not the limit for me 🙂

PHOTOS/USIU Yearbook Committee, Cleopas Kavita, Gee Kei Productions

Journalism class of 2014 and all the other graduates, I wish you the very best 🙂 Time to move on to the next chapter 🙂

Part of the journalism class of 2014 during rehearsals

Part of the journalism class of 2014 during rehearsals. PHOTO/Gee Kei Productions

Part of the journalism class of 2014 during rehearsals

Part of the journalism class of 2014 during rehearsals. PHOTO/Gee Kei Productions