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Just think about how beautiful a rose is…its beautiful nature and its breathtaking fragrance makes it a favourite to many since antiquity. But how often does it cross your mind that this attractive flower also has very sharp thorns? Just like we endure the pricks from thorns to reach the roses, we should also do the same as we go through life and endeavour to reach our goals.

There is no such a world with everything on a silver platter…Just the way you want it and when you want it. There’s absolutely nothing that comes easy and I’d say there is no life that is all rosy without the thorns.

No matter how badly you want the rose, there is no easy way out. You just have to deal with the thorns first, maybe even get pricked severally before you can finally reach your desired rose.

If we could have our minds set to reaching our roses no matter how hard the thorns prick us and think they can demotivate us, we would have a better world…A world that does not have the word quitters in its dictionary, but rather has the word winners in its place.

It’s up to us…to get super-ambitious and let nothing get on our way to prosperity. Let’s get reaching the roses and ditching the thorns!!!