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On my knees







Lord I am here on my knees,

Calling out to you,

Coming straight to you,

With all my cares,my burdens.

Trusting that you will take charge.


Lord you know my path,

You laid it straight for me,

Before I was even formed…

In my mother’s womb.

Lord you knew.


And today Lord I am here,

With all of me.

Keeping on my knees,

Crying out like Jabez,

Enlarge my territory.


Take my thoughts, my dreams,

All of me, All of what I am,

Is yours Lord.

I belong to you.

And on my knees I stay.



When life seems like a loss,

Just give it to the boss,

Who died on the cross,

And you’ll have a reason to floss.


When life seems like a mess,

Just bring it to the place,

Where they spat on His face,

To have you gain,

Eternal life with no bargain.


In a painful scene,

He took away your sins,

Even when it was clearly seen,

That He deserved not the scene.


So bring it to the cross.