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They say tears are like balm to a sore wound. Who can dispute? Though shed in deep pain, they sooth the heart, wash the eyes and quieten the spirit. Even as I cry, I feel better. Don’t ask me not to. At least not today, when the memories are still crystal clear. Though you plead with me, I won’t stop. I cry for you and the pain of your leaving.

mumIt has been exactly 15 years today,  since the cruel hand of death robbed us of you. My heart wonders if for sure it has been this long without you…Weeping for you left too soon. I thought I would have forgotten by now, but I know for sure that I will always hold you closer to my heart with each passing day.

Today has been full of thoughts about you…About how there is no other person like you…with the warmest heart one could ever find. And I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much, that I think about you and miss you dearly. That I reminisce on the good moments we shared and treasure them with profound measure.

I want to be held close by you, to have you here with me, once again to feel the joy of being loved by you. But you are not here, and I not there…More painful is that there’s nothing that can fill this void.

But, I accept God’s will. Knowing that you loved me, that I loved you with my all and that you are always watching over me. I love you mummy…You were and still is my ROLE MODEL, MY BEST FRIEND, MY GREATEST LOVE and THE BESTEST MUM IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE…So I laugh and cry at the same time for with you in my heart, I feel joy.

I know where you are mummy, you are in a better place, a place of joy, a place of peace and that’s why I will always smile knowing that you got it all better…Stay safe in God’s safest arms.