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For better, for worse…For richer, for poorer…In sickness and in health…To love and to cherish…TILL DEATH DO US PART. I attended two weddings consecutively in the past two weekends and thought it’s only fair to do a piece on that.

I had so much going on through my mind as I sat through both weddings. I thought of the intensity of those words…Of how they go beyond the surface and stay deep rooted in a lifetime commitment. I thought of how such solemn, unconditional promises are recited before God and man as witnesses.

I kept thinking of how you don’t just wake up one day and decide to get married from out of the blues…it has to start from somewhere. The couple that is getting married must have had their share of good moments and bad ones too…But, they lived through all the moments to see the day when their two hearts would officially be joined to one, come to pass.

To make a lifetime commitment to someone feels scary…I don’t know, maybe because there is no undo button once you say “I do”. Unless you seek a divorce, which I totally DISAPPROVE. (Please God help my marriage to last forever once it comes, Amen!). The binding words “Till death do us part”, I believe should be lived to the core.

I love the glamour that comes with weddings…People go out of their way to look extremely ravishing for the day. (Yours truly,not exceptional). Lol! They break free from their ordinary daily lives and endeavour to stand out in the best way possible.

I like the detail that is put onto weddings. Everything is meticulously selected from the theme colour, to the cake (which flavour and form it will take) the venue, the food, the rings…talk about everything. It’s so evident that a lot of energy and finance goes into this day.

I guess it feels so nice to see all the important people come to witness your day and the numerous smiles that feel the air.

I can only imagine the joy of the union of coming together of the bride and groom. I don’t know what runs through their thoughts as they recite their nuptial vows. I don’t know if they silently question their decision, or they silently thank God for breaking the dawn of their day.

Now, think about how beautiful a wedding is if God has given the green light. If it is at the right time with the right person that He set apart for you. I tend to imagine that He sits up there on the throne and overseas the whole occasion smiling on the couple:-)

Marriage is so sacred…so sacred that one trembles at the thought of it. A man shall leave his father and mother and shall be united to his wife, and they shall become one flesh according to Genesis 2:24. God thought it wise to create a companion for man, and I believe marriage should be treated as an avenue, to everyday appreciate God’s gift of each other.

And today as I talk about weddings, I can only say Congratulations to all the newly weds and  wish them a happily ever after…Those who are engaged and are planning to get married, I wish them the very best as they prepare…To the singles and searching…Wait patiently upon the LORD.